Blencathra Fieldtrip

Beginning of May 2nd to 6th I was on my final fieldtrip of Year 1, which was also part of the module “physical geography field course”.The fieldtrip was one of the most amazing weeks of University so far.

This module was bringing initial fielwork ideas that can be applied when conducting fieldwork next year. For instane conducting sampling methods, carrying out academic fieldwork and drawing up reserch questions. All these skills will be apllied into my main fieldwork to Barcelona next year and disseration in my final year of universty.

This module was able to include some of the themes and work studied for my “Physical Geography” module. For instance looking at the quaternary period where glaciers were located across the UK and Europe. The Lake Distict was once a glacial landscape. It was good to reserch the learned material in the field.

Three sites were looked at in detail:

Wolf Crags: Core samples were taken to show sediment change and to look at how the area has evolved over 10,000 years.

Upper Mosedale Beck: Terraces this site were monitored with Levelling equitment, Laser sight scanners and DGPS unit.

Lower Mosedale Beck: At this site flow meters were used to study flow in a particular area. Also sediment and landscape change was looked at this site. To do this a series of photos were taken of the cliff and then inserted into Agisoft PhotoScan which shwed a 3D model of the site.

3d image
3D Design showing sediment change in Lower Mosedale Beck.

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