End of Year One!!!

After an incredible year on Tyneside the first year studying Geography at Newcastle University is over!! Just a year ago I just completed my final exams for A level still unsure where exactly I was going to be for that upcoming September. It is so strange to think that a whole year has gone by and so much has happened and a lot of growing up as well.

Summer Assessments

On Thursday 2nd June my summer exam season officially started with the ‘contemporary human geography of the UK’ exam, which I believe went really well.

I then had an amazing 19th birthday on the evening of the first exam which a few friends and on my birthday on the 3rd June.

On Monday 6th June I had my final written assignment which was for ‘Interconnected World’. A lot of A level material was able to come back into use for this essay.

Finally, on Tuesday 7th I completed a computer aided assessment which was on ‘Physical Geography’ which went really well. The different assessments just shows some of the changes university has to that of A levels.


From the start of the geography course I realised that some of the modules which were taken were not totally suited to my strengths, however, for each of the modules, I do believe that I put my greatest efforts and each of the modules I did get some enjoyment and inspiration from them. Even when describing myself at the beginning of the first year as a human geographer I did enjoy being on the Physical Field course Module and writing assignments on rivers. Although next year I will be applying for human modules for next year but I did look at some physical geography modules when deciding.

Fragmenting cities in Social Geographies and Global  Cities in Economic Geographies (Interconnected World) were topics which really inspired my determination this year to follow the routes of becoming a town planner.

I will be following on some of these next year especially the social geographies and cities.


Summer? Year Two?

Over the summer, I am hoping to gain valuable work experience which will be able to help for future employment and internship possibilities next summer.

There is no official exam results day although the results should come soon and I will post these ASAP!!! I am also contacting year two lectures on material for modules next year to get a good head start at some of the lectures which I will be undertaking next year.

I am also contacting year two lectures on material for modules next year to get a good head start at some of the lectures which I will be undertaking next year. I am really interested in the content for my modules next year and cannot wait to look into some of the research for them.

Over the summer, I will start being a geography mentor by helping at the university for a geography open day on the 29th June. After this opportunity, I will be a geography mentor for stage 1 students who will be arriving at Newcastle to study BA Geography, which I’m really looking forward to. More posts on this to follow

In the meantime,  I will be continuing my travelling on holiday and following my passion for Formula 1. I will be writing some blog posts throughout the summer which I have found interesting in researching.


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