Dissertation Planning

I’m am now one week away from starting year 2 after and amazing summer, with time off  gaining valuable research for my  further education and career. Although now it’s back to university full time and starting to think about some important decisions (especially as this year and next what counts towards my final degree). I will have a more advanced idea on what I would like to be in my dissertation once I start getting lectures and support.

Thinking of dissertation research

During GEO2111 (Doing Human Geography Research) I will be preparing and planning for my dissertation and a proposal will be drawn up at the end of the second year. I am already considering town planning as a career and hopefully around christmas time I will be applying for internships for hopefully summer 2017. I will Definitely be taking a town planning module in second year, which will be decided in October.

Dissertation ideas

I would like initially to think my dissertation would like to include geography and town planning. I have already thought about broad topics for my dissertation and should be broken down into more specific topics.

  • Sustainable cities
  • Planning in urban areas

Broader ideas of dissertation research

Sustainable cities

Could look into the extent and how cities are classified as being ‘sustainable’

Could look at how the most sustainable city in the world (Frankfurt) becomes ‘sustainable’. Governmental policy, geographical position. Does geography matter in this?

Could look at how the most unsustainable city in the world has been decided.

Governmental policy, geographical position. Does geography matter in this?

Planning Urban Areas

This could be looked into using Newcastle and linking this greatly with the regional development module in 3 year.


I have created a Prezi file which shows my current and initial thoughts of dissertation research before I head into second year. More updates on my dissertation will be posted throughout next year.dissertation ideas prezi.jpg



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