Summer 2016 Review


After 4  months off, which have flown over I am back to university to start second year. Initially in June I set out a few aims to have completed over the summer and I believe I’ve done just that, which is a great stepping stone to start university. If I refer back to one of my posts before the holidays I was in a difficult situation and on that day didn’t ever think I would see the light at the end of the tunnel, but my enthusiasm and motivation has kept me up and have been excited to make sure summer 2016 was enjoyable but productive as well. I also believe that I have gone beyond what I thought I was going to do his summer by taking part in the great north run. I also want to write at the end of this post what my intentions are now going forward not just necessary with geography but in general my future.

University Preparation

One of the first things I decided to do over summer was second year university preparation. Firstly, this was very useful on reflection as we had just chosen our second year modules and got confirmation of them which meant that they were still fresh on our minds. Secondly, the majority of the later part of summer I was busy doing other things. Finally, this was just after exams it was a great way of winding down and already still in the ideal stage of doing university work.

I believe especially as most of my modules will be assignment based it is important to learn as much theory as possible and extra notes before going into the lectures.

I did not feel in anyway that doing university preparation was a chore as I’m really looking forward for the first time while studying geography to be able to have the decision to choose subjects within geography which I’m interested in.

This was one of my essential aims of things to do over summer as I said and still agree that once back to university time will fly past quickly and to manage time on assignments and other work this is definitely important.

Career Boosting

My second biggest focus and constant headache is always trying to make sure that I’m always trying to better myself in making myself more employable. With such an unexpected packed summer I was not able to get a part time job, even when I did hand in a few CV’s and apply for part time jobs, however I believe I have made some good alternatives which will be able to work in my favour for adding to my CV and hopefully a part time job at Christmas.

Working for the university – there were two opportunities in the summer that I was able to get paid work with the university.

Firstly, at the start of the holidays in June where there was a sixth form open day where I took a group of sixth former’s to there different activities during the day. This was a great experience for the day working to times and people that I was unfamiliar with.

Secondly, I helped out with the universities September open day for prospective students and parents to visit the university and get a taste of university life at Newcastle. I was in charge of running campus tours which I didn’t initially know what role I would be playing and managed to do a great job in my opinion.

Great North Run – During the summer I got frequent emails from the universities volunteering and one of the opportunities was to be a photographer at the Great North Run, which initially when I applied I got turned down. However another charity needed a photographer and that’s where I stepped in!! After the day I got a number of emails from the charity and the university singing my praises for my contribution and are asking me for more photography in the future which I’m delighted by. I have listed a few of the photographs which I took on the day and n my blog as well, which you can find the link below. I am hoping to now be doing more photography either as another volunteering opportunity or society.

Of course now it is still building pressure and still an issue which is in my mind everyday I know I’ve had some great opportunities this summer and taken them. Hopefully I will be able to get paid part time work in the winter. I will contact the Newcastle careers society in the next upcoming weeks!!

Swimming, swimming, more swimming…

I’ve been trying to keep myself active as much as possible and one of the main ways I’ve done this is through swimming. I have been going mostly twice every week, with my brother, around about on Saturdays and Mondays. I’ve really enjoyed clocking around up to 80 lengths in less than an hour. It does set me to be more relaxed and fell positive about myself in exercise and mentally. Not forgetting though I did go on one of my longest cycles to Sunderland air show during the holidays (refer to holiday photos). I was even considering at one point in the holidays to take up triathlon at Newcastle in second year, which realistically is unlikely.


Holidays each year I believe are key factor of chilling and calming down from work. These have been two ineradicable opportunities which until late April we didn’t have any holidays booked. I have wrote extensively in two of my blogs lately about my cruise holiday and my road-trip in Texas! I’m very fortunate to have the opportunity to go abroad especially with my family as I never know when the last time I’ll be on holiday with them so I try to enjoy every moment.


This has been by far the longest holiday I’ve ever had since breaking up from university in early June and not returning to start university properly until October. I’ve had plenty of time with plenty to do and those months have been enjoyable and now it’s only the last few days which I’m now prepared to go back to university. I’m hoping for more improvements and some great things to come over the year!!

More to come… now that summers over doesn’t mean I won’t be posting. I have a few articles that I’ve already got in mind so keep posted. Due to probably how busy I will be in the next few weeks posts will be not as frequent.


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