Autumn Update

A month of starting year two at Newcastle University has been really busy but really good. Already I have done one exam at the start of this week and plenty of assignments for the next moths coming up. Although, it is quite scary to also think that I’m starting my dissertation preparation now which I will be writing about shortly on another post. Below I will mention some of the great things that I’ve already been involved in this year…


This year I will not be in the table tennis society, however I have taken up the photography society instead which the first workshop is been really good. I’m hoping that next year I can become a bigger part in the photography society like being in charge of social media, treasurer or even running the society! I’m hoping and expecting some great things to come from e society in the next few months at university.
Currently I have not done much with the geography society but lookin forward to the Christmas ball where we have the opportunity to go in our dinner suits and a nice night on Newcastle Quayside.

Mentor programme

My mentor programme officially started this month with firstly giving campus tours to first year geographers and able to reply to the questions asked by students.
I then was able to meet my small group of mentees on the first week where I was able to get to know them a lot better by playing an icebreaker challenge in their first meeting. I’m really pleased that there in good contact with me and able to ask any questions from university life to the geography course.

Geography Staff-stendent committee

This week I had my first staff student committee meeting where we introduced the outline of my role within the committee. I’m really looking forward to being more engaged with talking to staff and students in geography from first to third years.

Career Insight Programe

I’m delighted to be chosen to take upon career insights program with Newcastle University. This programme will be able to give me a great insight into working with different businesses regionally in the north east and a two day workshop in London. It will be really insightful to talk to business employers who will be able to give me advice for careers in the future. Possibly even some companies which I could be interested in for future employment.

To make this opportunity even better it allows me to gain an NCL+ award which are given by Newcastle University. This will look outstanding on my final degree. Such increadable opportunities do make me motivated and excited for what lies ahead in the next year.

Second Year Geography

Studying geography has got off to a great start. Very different from last year in the sense that some people who I was around last year are doing physical geography and not seeing them as much as I’ve chosen a human Geography route. Already there is a massive difference from first year to second year in the amount of reading and the importance of seminar work which I’m feeling more comfortable about than last year surprisingly.

At the start of this week I booked my flights for the Barcelona field trip which will be taking place in late March 2017. So much to look forward to!

I like to think that I’ve had a really positive start to second year and hope this continues and my first few exam results show this as this is the year it all starts counting towards my final degree in 2018!


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