Careers Insight Programe / NCL+ Award

During my second year at Newcastle University, I have taken the opportunity of the careers insight programme and the NCL+, which are unique opportunities  that the university offer. Keep posted on this blog post which will be added the more sessions that we as a team will do until March 2017.

Careers Programme

16/11/16 – Today was the first meeting of the career insights programme and today was mainly based on getting to know the programme and the other peers also taking part in the programme. Getting to know our peers and talking to staff members was mainly important in improving our networking skills, which can be applied to our career skills. This was also important to develop these for our first presentation on the 21st November with Nissan, where we will be communicating with not only professionals from Nissan but communicating more with our peers.

21/11/16 – Nissan came to the university to show us information about themselves and the opportunities within Nissan. I was able to think about possible career paths especially in logistics which looked interesting. After the Nissan talk, we were split into different groups and given specific questions which we will work on as a team from now until March where we will present our presentations at Nissan. The question my team got was ‘what does the future of technology look like and how can Nissan utilise these advances’.  It was important to get to know each other and start picking roles of each other which went smoothly. As a team, we came up with a team name called 2020 vision. Within the remaining half an hour we were able to discuss some possible ideas which we can mention in our presentation. From drones to eco-technology to F1 technology we came up with some great ideas and the group discussion was ended by arranging a date to meet up for our first time. I and another peer on the team are really interested in looking deeper into the F1 technology, which we intend to add to the presentation.

10/12/16 – The meeting was to bring all of our initial ideas which we brainstormed on the 21st November to come out with ideas which we will be using for the presentation in March 2017 at Nissan. After brainstorming our research we decided to continue with three ideas which are Formula One Technology, Drone Technology and Automotive Car 20161210_121359technology. During this time it was important to listen to each other’s ideas and critical feedback. As a team we needed to decide which of the topics we would choose and it was only fair to choose these buy holding a vote to keep everyone happy. We then spit the group into 3 groups of two who will research further these topics. Our next meeting will be to add these ideas and knowledge into a presentation sometime in February.

10/02/17 – This was the first meeting of the group since Christmas when explaining our initial ideas. The aim of today was to go over people’s research ready to combine the ideas into one presentation.

From the last week, two of the group members left the team which has meant that there are only four members left. Today only three of the members could turn up to discuss in-depth the ideas which we came up with. Due to the lowered group, we are now only focusing on two ideas which are Formula One technology and Drones. These two idea will be able to give different perspectives of logistics (Drones) and applied technology (F1 tech).

The meeting meant that we could discuss each other’s ideas which we praised and critiqued our ideas so that after the meeting we could refine our ideas.

There has been limited contact with the forth member of the team which has meant that it has made it difficult to progress, although the focus is to concentrate on my own section. The presentation must be handed in a week before the visit to Nissan which is just over a week left. At the end of the meeting we aimed to compile all our information to be inserted into a Prezi Presentation, ready to go over in our next meeting is on the 19th February.


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