The good and the bad of uni lifestyle


Today I have just handed in my fist assignment of 2017 and I thaught it would be a good idea to write a few thaughts of uni lifestyle. In 2015 I started studying at university. Not only was the education different, but the lifestyle of myself drastically changed.


One of the most notable changes from A level was the lack of contact hours of my geography degree. It still amazes me that I have 8 hours all week compared to some days at school where I had 6 hours in a day. This means theres plenty of time to go and follow up lecture/seminar notes or even look at the upcoming lectures. What initially was a lot of time to do work becomes working on assignments constantly. For the first time in my education I had lectures and seminars till 6!! I guess that is just like a normal job.

‘Free time’

Astounded by the amount of ‘free time’ in my university timetable I soon found out why this was the case. Geography is a subject where the more the reading and writing, the better your grade will be. One of the problems I find myself is when to stop. Initially I didn’t think this would be a problem in geography and only in my graphics design work, however I was wrong and found that I could constantly be changing and rewriting sections of an assignment for ages! You could then think of an assignment of being like some graphic work.
For some people and as I got better time management in my second year I started to make time for different actives such as taking part in the careers insight , mentee programe and staff student committe. Although I wouldn’t say anyone has got this perfect and with constant challenges it’s a forever learning skill. One of the main things which I have been told at university is that a degree is not enough in the year of 2018 and alongside university I have to aquire more skill sets, which could be volenteering, placements or jobs.
University can have months where there can be nearly no work to do and then soon as coming back there will be endless workloads to do! Although this could be bad I am fortunate of the weeks I have off when I am coming to the end of spending each and every hour working on assignments.


University term time is a constant work load which keeps me busy and looking forward to the challenges ahead but there are some days where I need to just ‘cool down’ which is why I said it’s important to know when to stop.
There are a few differnt ways of relaxing which include societies, especially the sports ones and for me watching TV, specifically Formula One!
Although nothing beats music!! If it’s keeping focus doing work for uni, relaxing or winding down there’s always a type of music to listen to.


I belive that most of the awarded degree in the final year of university is not just about the particular topic/subbject, it tells employers that your able to manage and cope with the challenges of lifestyle without affecting your degree. University is advertised as being fun experience although this could be the case for some, it is all about the particular persons interests and management of their time.

Plenty of more posts to come…

Theres plenty of more posts to come in the next few mounths. P.S im going to be really busy in March and will be looking forward to Easter!

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