January has flown over!


It’s been a very busy week with handing in my final few assignments of January which has meant that I have been unavailable to quickly write up my experience of the SCITT Programme taster day. I have received some of my assignments which I have handed in during December which seem ages ago!

Assignment hand in and collection

Not only is January about handing assignments in, it’s about collecting the first assignments of stage two which have I’ve been nervous about as it all counts this year.
Overall I have been pleased with the outcomes of the marks and now its important to read all the comments.

SCITT programme

A week today I went to a local academy where they run a schools direct programme and this is the route into teaching that I am looking into. The day was very helpful giving a great insight into what to expect during the programme, the application process and the school which the programme will be mainly based. One of the best aspects of the day was to observe a lesson and to see one of the former students of the programme teaching. It has made me so enthusiastic about applying later this year and to get more experience shortly.


I have been amazed just how quick January has flown over and today I have started my second semester of year 2! Curently it doesn’t look like that February is going to slow down and actually is going to be even busier! Stay tuned!


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