London (9th – 10th March)

Quick Round-up…

Its been a crazy few weeks with assignments need handing in, Nissan Project last week and generally trying to keep calm. My disseration will be handed in just over a week!! With this being said ive kept my cool and time is flying by so quick and I did not expect that the London trip would be upon me so quick! In the last few days I have continued my role as a first year mentor for first year students.

London Trip (09 – 10th March 2017)

The final part of the careers insights programme was to have a trip to London. As a group, we set of midday Thursday on the train. During this time, me and another girl who volunteered to present a thank you presentation as part of the Mastercard event with Mark Barnett (Mastercard CEO of UK and Ireland) had time to prepare for the presentation. We had supposed to get initial ideas and planning on the Tuesday before the event, however, we did not receive this and was only given to us while on the train. The three-hour train journey unsurprisingly went quick because of this and were able to prepare a speech. From relaxing for the rest of the afternoon and getting ready in formal we were ready for the presentation. The event was held in a hotel rather than in Mastercard headquarters. The presentation went well and got many congrats from other members of the insights students, staff, alumni and Mark Barnett himself.

The Friday morning involved the career insights group to be split into two groups which I went off to visit a company called Clifford Chance. The other group revisited Mastercard. Clifford Chance are one of the highly-regarded law firms. We had a presentation of what it is like to work at the company, some Newcastle University alumni were also present at the event. The visited incorporated a of the headquarters which they showed us they had a swimming pool, gym and other leisure facilities to help improve the quality of their colleagues.

On the Friday afternoon, the career insights group were again split into two different groups which I went off to Accenture (management consulting and professional services) and the other group went to Whitehall for civil service. Initially there was a question and answers session to current employers which some of them were alumni to Newcastle University. During our visit, Accenture got us into smaller groups to come up with a 3-minute presentation on new technology which can reduce overcrowding in London. This was a great opportunity to work with unfamiliar people in a short time. Even though there was no winner there was good constructive feedback from the work colleagues on our presentations. The day ended with a quick introduction to some of the innovation which Accenture had been working on which Virtual Reality headsets and quicker mobile banking.

This concluded the London trip with the careers insights, however I and another friend stayed on an extra day in London.

Even though these companies were not related to what I want to peruse my career in, I believe the networking skills, listening and engaging with the different activities has been useful which can be applied.


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