Nissan (1st March 2017)

After months of preparation, working round university work and team members leaving, it was finally the day of the Nissan Presentation. From arriving we were informed that our group were presenting first which was good to get the presentation out of the way. There was last minuet run of the presentation while travelling on the bus to Nissan. This was to sort any concerns and time constraints. As a group, we found it helpful to discuss our ideas as well on the bus to get an understanding on what could be the types of questions which could be raised at the presentation.

Upon arrival at Nissan the team had only a few minutes to prepare for the presentation before being called up to present. Overall, the presentation went fine where the judges said that they were impressed with our three chosen topics (F1 Carbon Fiber, Automonus Vehicles and Drones) and the layout of the presentation. We scored 12/20 which as a team were pleased. We got constructive feedback from the judges such as we needed to have kept to time limits much better and to have had a better team integrated presentation.

The second part of the Nissan Visit was supposed to be a tour around the Nissan factory, however, with recent upgrades to the site we were not able to. Instead Nissan had provided an assessment centre activity for us to work as a group to problem solve issues which are likely to come up at other assessment centres for applying to other companies.


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