Easter update


I have broken up from university which has been a very busy term! I haven’t had much free time at all in the last month and even so I’m writing this update enroute to Barcelona!! The business just never stops!! I always knew that this term was going to be busy as my module split meant I was doing more modules in the second semester of uni. I cannot believe just how quick the first 3 months of 2017 have gone!! I have been posting throughout these 3 months but this is a summary of what’s happened.


The start of the second semester proved just how much this term was going to be so busy. January was a strange month as after handing in the rest of my final semester 1 assignments I had a few weeks where there was nothing happening due to having no winter exams. This was a fantastic opportunity to get some initial reading for my courses and to start working on the next assignments ahead. During January, there was a school’s direct programme open day which I attended. This time sure went quick and before I knew it Barcelona preparation and my first outside module of town planning started.


One the 1st February we had the third meeting of the careers insights programme where we visited small-medium sized companies in Sunderland. It was the first time seeing the team members we were working with and decided to meet up to go over the Nissan presentation. As part of the careers insights programme we got the opportunity to have a one to one meeting where we discussed out future plans and I was also asked to be a part of the MasterCard presentation when I’m London which I accepted. Most of February was mainly getting information and advice for my dissertation proposal due in March. I also was aware that March was going to be very busy and needed to do as much preparation for my assignments in this month as there would be limited opportunities.


After the long wait since October it was finally the Nissan presentation which the group had been peppering for. We scored 12/20 for our Nissan presentation which I we all were pleased about. The following week I went to London as part of the careers insights programme which is where I and another girl held a 10-minute presentation as part of MasterCard. The London trip included visits to other companies. The following week was important as it was the week where I handed my dissertation proposal and my first town planning assignment. These two assignments where the biggest word count documents I have ever done at university but was all completed in appropriate time. Planning early was extremely important. My dissertation proposal title was… what are the competing actions of sustainability in transport. This is highly relevant to the Barcelona project. I also attended my third staff student committee meeting which now means that I can get a certificate which will be attached onto my degree. After the assignment hand ins, it has given me some time to relax before Barcelona at the end of the month (separate blog post to follow). The NCL+ award ends at the end of this month which I had to submit competency questions and an activity log. Results are to follow up in the coming months.


Overall, it’s been a very busy term with a lot of exciting opportunities which I am pleased I have been a part of. Although at times I have felt that programmes such as the careers insights programme ok over m degree and made me realise how valuable time management is. Easter holidays will be a time to reflect and relax after a busy term. The holidays will also provide an excellent opportunity to start preparing for my assignments and my only exam (which is on a Saturday!!) in the summer.


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