Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! – Hows the holidays going?

With only one full week left of the Easter break, I can say the holidays have gone over so quick! To be fair second year of university has flown over! After coming back from Barcelona, I’ve been working hard on my assignments which by the end of May, I must hand in 7500 words worth! I have managed my time wisely so I do have time to relax such as going to Sheffield last Friday. I have also met up with some friends from sixth form and school.

Remembering the Zafira 2008 – 2017


The zafira was going to be the car which we travelled down to Sheffield in, however, it was involved in a crash and only earlier this week we found out that the car was a write off! The car has been in the Lawson household for 9 years and has certainly done some miles across the country. Its been a very important car also for traveling school friends back in the day! I have created a montage of the Zafira over the last 9 years! RIP in car heaven!!!

Sheffield (Friday)

We didn’t spend that long in Sheffield as it was mainly for the event on the night to see Holy Holy at the Sheffield Students Union. Before going into the event we got some food from a pub next door to the university.

Me, my mam and dad really enjoyed the evening and hope that the same even returns next year, hopefully at Newcastle! It was a shame we did not have a lot of time to go and explore Sheffield that much but I’ll be coming back to Sheffield in the summer when I travel down to Nottingham.

Unexpected Trip to Whitby (Monday)

When I thought, Sheffield was our last trip of Easter, I was wrong. Instead of sitting for hours trying to write more of my assignments I was delighted with the opportunity to go to Whitby for the afternoon.

It was fantastic weather to walk up and around Whitby Abbey and to enjoy some fish and chips at the Magpie. The fish and chip never disappoint! The trip brought back a few memories which were that the last time I was in Whitby was when I started university. The last time I was with my parents travelling to Whitby was when we were coming back from visiting Silverstone Circuit and Scarborough.




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