Module Choices 2017/18

One Year Of My Blog!!

Today marks the anniversary of this blog which I have been proud of for the last year. There’s been quite a lot of things happen in the last year which has gone so quick!! I look forward to the next year of my blog in following the rest of my second year, holiday 2017 and my dissertation progress in third year at Newcastle University.


I am now in my final week of the Easter holidays, which then I will start the final term of Second Year. Before breaking up for Easter all of second year geography students were given a lecture on choosing modules for third year. This give myself an insight into all the specific detailed modules which are available.

Modules I want to do…

Every single honour geography student will be taking the Dissertation module which I will be posting on my blog later my final topic when my dissertation proposal has been marked.

  • Dissertation (40 Credits)
  • Local and Regional Development (20 Credits)
  • Cities of the Global South (20 Credits)
  • Geographies of Sustainability (20 Credits)
  • Career Development for final year students (Teaching) (20 Credits)

Image result for newcastle metro 2030 vision


I am still waiting on hearing back from my Dissertation Proposal which means I’m not going to unveil my chosen topic until then. I have chosen a dissertation proposal title based upon public mobility which I’m really interested in and currently completing several other assignments around this topic. I do have one of my assignments back which was my first ever town planning assignment which I got 66%. Hopefully I will have done just as well and better!

Career Development for final year students (Teaching)

A great part of the Newcastle University is that I can choose a module which is different from just the normal lecture styled environment and gain professional experience which is important for my future career goal. This module allows me to be placed into a school to gain valuable experience as a teacher which will be relevant for completing teaching interviews later this year and post-graduate teaching options.

Final Thaughts

I will be formally choosing my modules in the first week of May. The geography department of Newcastle University stated that there are no caps on numbers for the modules so we will be guaranteed the modules we choose. Because Easter has fallen late this year, it means that I have had all of Easter to consider all the different modules which are available.


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  1. Marts says:

    All the best in your studies Benjamin…

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