My Working Dissertation Is On…


I have chosen my dissertation to be on sustainable transport in my area.

On Monday 24th April, I received my dissertation research proposal back which I was pleased with. Its took a bit of time and a lot of suspense for a while but I’m really pleased about the result and cannot wait to get in contact with my dissertation supervisor and get working on my dissertation.

So why mobilities and transport??

I believe, I am researching my strengths in geography as I have a passion to look at transport mobilities and sustainability.

Staying Updated With My Dissertation

All updates for my dissertation will be posted on this blog!!

I will be unable to post any accurate titles of my working dissertation until it is marked in a years’ time, however, I will be posting on my personal progress on how I feel my dissertation is progressing. For instance, I’ll be posting about how research for my chosen topic has gone, how successful the research was taken and my analysis of the data. I will try to write updates on my dissertaion every month or two, depending on the particular time, as well as other matter posts.

I intend to write on my blog about my passion for transport in the next few weeks and the geographies which are connected to the topic of transport and mobilities.

Stay Posted!!



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