Preview of Summer 2017


Summers is approaching quick and there’s plenty of things happening related to university, work experience and relaxing. The fun of second year has been great but it doesn’t end there! Easter 2017 concluded to be one of the best holidays off, with spontaneous visits to Whitby and Peterborough, I’m hoping that summer will be similar following.

I have just one week remaining before my first and final written examination. Yesterday my two big assignments for the Barcelona Fieldtrip and my second town planning assignment were handed in. I am also handing in a social geography assignment in a few days’ time!

I’ll be positing through-out the summer on these different topics and some stuff which I find interesting in the upcoming weeks.

9th June 2017 – NCL+ Awards Ceremony

After completing my careers insights programme as well as the NCL+ award, there is an awards ceremony which mainly is to re-unite with other students who took part on the programme. I don’t know what to expect from the awards ceremony as much apart from possibly picking up our certificates for completing the NCL+ award. The great aspect of completing the NCL+ award is that it goes on top of my degree which looks really good!!

University – Dissertation / Preparation / Readings

After successfully passing my dissertation research proposal and my summer research proposal, I now must carry out the research for my dissertation over summer. This will involve a series of questionaries’ to people, interviews with appropriate professionals and visual methods of the sites of importance. I am really looking forward to starting my dissertation work as its worth 22% of the overall geography degree and it marks the major stage of being in third year. I’m really excited to learn more about my topic which is local to the area and what new knowledge I can bring to the study of bringing a metro system to the area. I will be posting an update during summer on how the research and the write up of my dissertation is progressing. I hope that at an early stage, I will be able to complete a draft of my dissertation before going back to university in October. If I can write 7500 words in 4 weeks of Easter, I’m sure 4 months will be plenty of time to write 10,000 words.

Not only is there dissertation work, there are other modules which I will consider some initial reading for. This helped massively with my stage two modules as time is precious during term time. I have already talked to one of the module leaders for one of the modules I’m particularly interested in and have got some initial readings to consider which I’m really looking forward to reading around.

Work Experience – Teaching / Experience / Shadowing / Preparation

Shortly after my Barcelona trip in Easter, I was given contacts to visit and gain valuable experience at Rugby School in Warwickshire, which I was amazed and fortunate of this opportunity arising. I will be completing 3 days’ worth of teacher shadowing which I aim to ask as many questions as possible about being in the profession so that when I come around to applying for teacher training positions in the autumn, I will have the appropriate skills. I will be visiting the school at the end of June.

I am also intending on visiting a local secondary school of mine to gain valuable experience which will mean I will have a comparison between two differently run schools. The more experience that I can get will be great for when applying for teacher training places.

It can be said that I will be also taking more experience when I return to university when I undertake the career development module which Newcastle University offers.

As part of my ambition to become a teacher, I must successfully complete the QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) tests which I intend to pass in the summer. This will mean getting my Maths and English books out again.

Relaxing – It is the holidays after all!!

Out of all of the above I do need to find some time to relax as its going to be a crazy year. Im expecting a very busy few months when I return back to university, especially the months coming up to the dissertation deadline. My busiest semester is the first unlike my other years at university.

I will be going on a cruise around Spain and Portugal which I’m really looking forwad to, with a revisit to Barcelona for me! There are for sure to be plenty of photographs soon!


I will be working as a student guide giving campus tours to the Newcastle University open days which take place on June 30th/ July 1st /30th September. Its a great oppotunitiy which I took last year and get paid for my services.

Lots to look forward too and stay posted!….


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