Updated Ben Lawson Art Blog


Ive just finished second year of geography at Newcastle University where Ive had some time now to look back at my art/ graphics/ photography work on my https://benjaminlawsonart.wordpress.com/ website. This was also because I have had a number of people who have asked to look at my previous work and that this website forms a portfolio of things which I find a great interest in.I decided when reviewing my work, there needs to be a fresh look to the website and I have a lot more of my previous art work onto the website. Please do have a look at my previous work and comment on this. As well as adding new blog posts onto this site I will return to add some more graphic and photography work on my other blog so stay in touch with both!

About my art blog

Youll be able to explore all the different project which I have done either during school or on my own time. I have done a mixture of fine art, graphic and photography work. Post graphic design at alevels has  mainly focused on photography which I will be adding to this blog as well as my other works which I will be apart of.


Website: https://benjaminlawsonart.wordpress.com/



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