Rugby School Visit – 5th – 7th June


I was fortunate to achieve work observation at Rugby School which included several activities to give me a greater insight into the teaching experience.

I was fortunate to achieve work observation at Rugby School to give me a greater insight into the teaching experience. I was given a timetable in advance for the three days. The experience started by a tour where I asked questions about the profession and the campus of an independent school.

My observation started by observing EP who is a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT). Afterwards, I observed AA class which I was asked to complete PGCE observation forms. This was useful for me to interoperate the 8 TSA’s which are monitored as a PGCE student. During lunch across the three days, I joined students at some of the school houses which I sat next to students where I was asking them about their experiences of Rugby school.

I met with RJG after lessons to discuss the plan for me taking a lesson of year 7’s. RJG gave me an overview on the lesson plan and gave me the teaching plan which Oxford University follows. It took 3 hours to prepare the presentation.

Tuesday started with an observation from AA who got me to fill in another PGCE form. It was helpful for myself to compare the difference between the two lessons. This was followed by a meeting with AA, giving me the opportunity to ask about the different routes into teaching. It was interesting that AA considered other options outside of teaching. The meeting was useful to find out the differences and the relationships the staff have with the students at a private school. For instance, AA said that the sport at the school is helpful for students to gain respect for the teachers. Finally, I attained advice from AA about my lesson which I was teaching today.

After break was the time of my lesson which at first, I was nervous, however, once I got into the lesson it became easier and more comfortable. RJG was based at the back observing and was a fall back if things didn’t go well. Generally, RJG said that the lesson went well and gave me a few points to improve. RJG will also send me a report and feedback of the lesson.

The third day consisted of two observations. The first observation was a bottom set year 9 class which even though I saw the lesson earlier in my experience, it was good to compare how much content the group completed. RJG changed his teaching style. Later in the evening I went to the geography society which were planning for activities next year. One of the topics on their agenda was titled “the good, the bad and the ugly of university” which was deliberately planned for myself visiting the school. This gave the opportunity for the students to ask questions and for them to learn about geography at university.


Overall, I’ve talked to several teachers who are experienced in the profession and newly qualified / trainee teachers as well as students. I feel more confident in teaching and will look to gain more experience in other schools.

Stay Posted!!

In the next few days I will be releasing my first progress report of my disertation!!



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