Progress Report One – Dissertation

This marks the first progress report of my geography disertation which I hope you all enjoy and please feel free to comment. I have also attached a PDF version below for people to read.

After receiving my dissertation proposal back and my summer feedback, I have started my journey considering the sustainability of the proposed extensions of the Horden train station and the metro.

To do this I’ve had successful contact with both Nexus Transport who manage the transport in the North East and Durham County Council who are council which the station will be located. I am also contacting other organisations such as Network Rail and the North East Combined Authority. Already I’m beginning to feel more confident at contacting professionals, verbally and written communication.

Recently I posted a generic comment to a local Facebook group page called ‘Peterlee have your say’ which I explained my project ambitions and already able to get some comments which could be used in my dissertation research. The group have talked about the train station in the past so it will be worth going through the previous posts.

I know lots of people who work in Newcastle and would use it if the trains travelled at least once an hour esp around rush hour there and back.

It would open up so many opportunities for the areas. Also reduce some of the traffic heading north.

Would love for the Horden station to go ahead, would save on getting buses to Hartlepool or Durham station first.

The buses are unreliable, people needing to get to and from work will have a much better chance of getting there on time, and in a shorter time if a station was available.

As my second year of university has come to an end and finished my teaching insight placement, I have more time to prepare my interview questions to who I will be interviewing. To finalise these questions, I contacted my dissertation supervisor which was a successful hour meeting. Also, this meeting reflected and encouraged myself to look at conceptual background for the dissertation. Going forward with my dissertation, there needs to be a stronger emphasis on sustainability which is linked within transportation.

I will be posting another progress report at the start of July after I have received some of my research and explored more conceptual work behind the project. To aid this I’ll be also writing a blog post on why transport is important topic in geography. The project is starting to come together which im really becoming excited about the outcomes.

Stay tuned!!



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