Progress Report Two – Dissertation


I have received my stage two results for my university degree, which I achived a 2:1. Im really pleased with this result and has given me another boost of motivation on working on my dissertation. In the last few days I have been helping out at the Newcastle University open day for prospective students, where I was providing campus tours. I really enjoyed as much as I did last September.

I’m now gearing myself up for my holidays which are really soon!! Lots happening so stay tuned!

Report Two

To start my second progress report, I would like to thank Gordon Harrison (Nexus Transport) and Craig MacLennan (Durham County Council) for their valuable contributions to answer some questions for my dissertation. There responses are very valuable to completing my project.

Since the first progress report I have had my second year results back which I’m very pleased to say that I have passed. One of my assignments was a report from my Barcelona fieldtrip which I am referring back to that project to use the methods and some of the conceptual work behind the work. I have also referred back to my social geography assignment where I used a number of key scholars on the topic of mobilities. Both of these assignments were useful to use alongside my original DRP literature review.

In this short period of time from 18th June till 4th July there’s been a considerable amount of progress. I have now written up the responses from Nexus. As well as this, I have completed the introduction and literature review for my dissertation. I have found it useful to get a few ideas from the points raised in the interviews which can be incorporated in the literature review from conducting research with the organisations.
This can be added alongside the information which I already collected in my social  geography, Barcelona fieldtrip assignments. I have now moved onto the methods section  of my dissertation.

My next progress report will be in August after I have come back from my summer holidays. In this report I will have hoped to do some field work in Peterlee town centre, where I have had the chance to interview residents.

Stay Tuned!



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