Year One


Year One of my geography degree started in September 2015. From the historical city of Durham to the forever modernising Newcastle was really exciting to start a brand new chapter in my education. It was also the start of a brand new way of learning and leading an independent lifestyle to the one of before. To meet students from across the world and students who I also know from being in Durham was very exciting.

It was important to realise that university work was totally different to any education in the past and had to be aware that the amazing A level results did help but the university marking criteria are much higher than that of A level. Throughout the first year this was challenging and part of a big development that I had to undertake to carry onto the second stage which counts towards my final degree.

I finished the first year with a strong 2:1 which is really important for an idea for where I am currently and how I can improve for the second and third year which count towards my final degree!!!


Year One modules were able to give me a flavour of what to expect throughout the three years at university and possibilities which I will be able to take in the upcoming years at Newcastle. From these modules, I was able to decipher which aspect of geography I mostly enjoyed. During my first year, I really wanted to have a balance between human and physical geography. This was to have an idea by the end of the year if I prefer human or physical geography, allowing me to focus on that aspect more in the second and third year. Although at the end of my first year, I believe that my strengths lie in human geography but still pleased that I tried a range of physical geography modules.

List of Modules:Interconnected World; Contemporary Human Geography; Geographical Analysis; Physical Geography Field Course; Physical Geography; Geographical Skills.

Field trips

At the start of the year for ‘Geographical Skills,’ we were taken to Beamish Museum to get to know our tutor group better in a series of different activiti13151866_1093451914052398_850172217529567927_nes throughout the day. I found it funny and strange that some people did not know what Beamish was as they are new to the North East.

During my ‘Contemporary Human Geography’ module, this gave me the chance to go on two field trips on a river tyne boat trip and a day trip to Edinburgh.

The River Tyne Boat Trip was the main part of the January assessment for this module. It was really insightful to see how the land use changes downstream from being a cultural heartland in the center of the quayside to being more industrial where the Port of Tyne is located.

The Edinburgh trip featured in one of the questions in the summer exam. It was great to revisit Edinburugh after my last visit some years ago.

I also took part in a week’s field trip at the beginning of May for the ‘Physical Geography Fieldtrip’ module, which took place at the Blencathra Field Centre. Find out more on one of my blog posts.


During my first year at university, I took part in two societies which were the Newcastle Geography Society and the table tennis society.

I joined the Newcastle Geography Society mostly because of the exciting winter and summer balls which the society offers. These were really good and will be some of the most memorable moments of first year university.

I also joined the table tennis society as I definitely wanted to join a sports society in my first year. A lot of the sports like golf and cycling which I was interested in required previous and a certain skill, which is a shame for amateurs.




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