Year Three


Before breaking up from second year in May we were given plenty of information to start my dissertation progress. The big one! Summer 2017 not only provided a great time to relax but provided the best time to work on my dissertation with put me in a good stance for returning back to university in October.



Sustainable Development

Local and Regional Development

Cities of the Global South

Career Development Module – This gives me the perfect chance to conduct a 70 hour placement in a school to make sure that this is the proffession which I would like to follow. If nothing at all, this module provides professional skills which can be applied into the workplace.

Field trips

More to follow

Life After University

More to follow…

In September of 2018 I will be making a massive overhaul of my blog page which will condense the three years of geography into one page on this blog. A new page titled ‘postgraduate’ will be uploaded which will follow similar style to this page.


This will be updated soon – more to follow once finished

More to follow