Year Two


Over summer 2016, I was able to have a great time relaxing by going on a cruise and an unexpected trip to Texas. I also got the chance to prepare for university by looking into some of the modules that I will be taking in second year. After receiving a strong 2:1 in my first year and incredible signs of improvement in the later assignments in the summer it has meant I am ready for the second stage in university. This has marked half way through my geography degree at Newcastle. I started my second year in early October 2016. It’s been a chaotic year with so much happening which had meant that I’m so thankful for the preparation I had undertaken before starting second year.

From receiving a 2:1 at the end of second year (which all counts towards my final degree) I need to make sure I do the best preparation towards third year. It is still possible if I get a first in every assignment to get a first overall. Challenge on!!!


Second Year was totally human geography modules after deciding at the end of first year to drop physical geography modules. I also took a 20 credit module of town planning. My modules were mostly assignment based, apart for the development and globalisation module which had a 2 hour exam in summer. Yet again, I have chosen all human geography modules for my third year, as well as a 20 credit module of teaching.

List of Modules: Doing Human Geography Research (Dissertation preparation), Key Methods in Human Geography, Social Geographies, Globalisation and Development, Barcelona Field trip and Understanding Cities (Town Planning Module) 

Field trips

This year was the exciting chance in geography to go abroad, which I had the opportunity to go to Barcelona. This Field trip Module was all about urban sustainability. The field trip went well by undertaking interviews and then two assessments. I passed this module with a 2:1 which I was really pleased with! By doing this module it was able to inspire myself for ideas when planning my dissertation. I will be using some of the background content which I learned from this module for my dissertation. I was also able to meet my dissertation supervisor on this trip which was good.
Apart from the Barcelona field trip there wasn’t anymore fieldtrip opportunities. Find the blog post which is relevant.


I continued to be a part of the Newcastle Geography Society by attending the summer and winter ball. Just as last year these proved to be awesome events and have provided great memories.
I joined the photography society early in the year, however I wasn’t able to keep this up which wasn’t a bad thing as I had other commitments such as talking part in the careers insights programme. I was attending staff student committee meetings alongside being a mentor. I will be chairing the staff student committe alongside another two students.


During the summer I became a mentor for first-year students joining the university. Throughout the year I’ve been in contact with these mentees which has gone well and for my final year I will be a senior mentor which I’m looking forward to.

In January 2017 I went to a teacher training open day which was really insightful on considering different options for teaching. This event really inspired me to thing about becoming a teacher and to look to pursue the school centred training.  

After gaining an awesome opportunity after coming back from the Barcelona trip to Rugby Boarding School, I have changed my mind and focusing on looking at PGCE options.

There were some cool opportunities which emerged during my second year. Not just in teaching as above!! The most exciting was to be apart of the careers insights programme which was advertised from the days of doing PARTNERS summer school in 2015. This was an exciting opportunity to visit companies ranging from local in Sunderland to, Nissan (sunderland) and a trip to London. From doing this programme is was able to achieve the NCL+ award which I’m very pleased to have passed. To have done these programmes like this in second year means I have freed up time for my third year to look at other opportunities or concentrate more on completing my dissertation and final year modules.   


I’m very pleased that in my second year of university, I received a 2:1. With second year going over as quick as it did, I didn’t have that much free time but the hard work has paid off. With this in mind I still have all of third year to try and improve this. My best module was human geography key methods where I averaged 67!! I’m hoping next year this will be the case for all of my modules and even higher!!

Summer 2017

This summer is vital that I now work on my dissertation and to do some initial work on my modules for next year as this year looks to be just or even more crazy. It’s very important that I can either maintain a 2:1 or exceed to aim for a first. Either will be very fulfilling but I’ll need to put in the hard work! I intend to complete a draft or two of my dissertation by the end of September 2017. This will involve interviewing a number of organisations and the public, with then finally writing this up in a 10000 word report is so valuable. This will be important so that I can discuss any questions with my supervisor in October and that I will have a refined chapter which can be marked at Christmas.

Although this being said, I do intend to have some time off during summer as a cool down by going on a cruise in early July. Finding the balance between relaxing and working is so crucial.

Here’s to 2017 summer and my final year of BA Geography at Newcastle University!!

Note: there are a host of posts which have been written though out the last year which are available and give a greater insight into second year events. Stay posted for more posts upcoming shortly!!


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